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3 min readApr 12, 2022

In December 2021, Coyote Coin™ was born. Why the name Coyote? Because they’re fast, creative scavengers with a pack mentality. It was the perfect spirit animal. Once the brand was built & trademarked, it was time to build The Den, Coyote’s trusted and protected community. A new breed of coin was making waves & the pack began to grow. It must be noted that crypto is not the easiest space to understand. It’s filled with opportunity, risk, scams & an immeasurable amount of volatility. Coyote took this as an opportunity to educate their growing audience.

Coyote began to build a presence across a dozen social outlets. New followers found peace in their organic, transparent, & educational-minded approach to marketing. Coyote became “the coin you can trust.” Integrity& honor were the focus & newcomers were attracted through friendly dialogue, eye-catching visuals & a commitment to education. In just 2 months, Coyote had achieved an organic following without any marketing expenditures. The idea of a trustworthy alt coin began to make waves across social media. After just a few successful live streams over a matter of just weeks, Coyote is nearing Twitch Partner & would be the first cryptocurrency to partner with Twitch.

Coyote Coin™ decided to hold an interactive, live-stream presale on their Twitch account. Overnight, Coyote broke a record with the highest and fastest presale raise on the Binance Smart Chain network, as a legitimate crypto coin.. The Coyote Team felt the wind fill their sails, but a nasty storm was brewing on the horizon.

Twenty four hours after raising almost a million dollars, the community fell victim to a vicious cyber attack. Within minutes, over $360,000 was stolen before their eyes. The sky seemed to be falling. One oversight in the code was exploited by a third party. Chris addressed the community via a live “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) on Telegram & offered to refund anyone who had lost faith in the project. When the call was opened for questions and comments, he expected to be put in front of an angry mob. Unbelievably, each voice from the community offered only support and encouragement.

While only 10% of the people that bought during presale requested refunds more than three times as many requests came in asking to fill the vacancies. Once the refunds began to be processed, many of those who received a refund later asked if they could return.

Because cryptocurrency is filled with scams, the idea of a startup coin willing to offer refunds took the internet by storm.

Inspired by their community, the team forewent their operational/marketing budget, committed all immediate cash from the presale & slashed their own allocations by roughly 75%. As the news of the botched launch spread across social media, it lured technical eyes that wanted to help solve the security vulnerabilities. One of these was a highly-referred blockchain developer that goes by the handle, “Bullish.” For the first time ever, he agreed to publicly join a third-party coin as a team member. In the interest of security, Bullish rewrote the entire contract to be stronger, smarter and more secure than before. He also brought additional utility ideas that will add value to the project immediately.

Next, the story found its way to the most renowned crypto auditing firm on Earth! — Certik. They heard of a community besieged and rushed to help. Their audits normally take weeks or months to obtain. They offered what may be the fastest audit in their history. They were willing to start immediately and generate their initial report in only 4 days.

Now, with the presale filled again, a new talented blockchain developer & with Certik standing watch, Coyote Coin™ will launch, yet again, to show the world what it means to be “Coyote Strong.”

The Launch Approaches…. And The Legend Grows…



Coyote Coin

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