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2 min readJan 10, 2022
Welcome to the Den

I would venture to say that most people have heard about crypto, however they probably don’t know what it is. Is it money? Is it an investment? Is it a digital asset? Is it just a fad?

Crypto isn’t any one coin, it’s an idea that started in 1983 when an American cryptographer conceived an anonymous cryptographic electronic money[1]. Bitcoin (BTC) was created in 2009, the first decentralized cryptocurrency, now it’s owned by 15.29% of Americans[2]. In 2021 El Salvador became the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender.

The Negatives of Crypto

  • Volatility — Large token holders can hold and dump coins, causing high levels of liquidity and unfairly handicapping small token holders.
  • Favoritism — Certain holders can be favored in terms of the ability to put coins into the liquidity pools, devaluing coins.
  • Exclusion — In some token models, the participants who are actually creating the most value on the network are excluded from rewards.
  • Deceit — Some tokens liquidity pool include back doors where some addresses could drain the liquidity pool, much like a Ponzi scheme.
  • Unfair — Certain tokens moved “burned” tokens into a reserve wallet instead of actually being removed from circulation.
  • Confusion — Some coins inappropriately allocated funds or charged people for transactions that weren’t theirs.

Coyote™ is here to gain back your trust, providing a much better, safer crypto experience for everyone involved. We address the negativities listed above through our six commitments. We have learned from multiple launches and successful projects, creating a coin that has the best features of an RFI-type token while mitigating the weaknesses that have been built to many other past crypto projects.

Our Commitment To You

  1. Prevent whales from distorting markets
  2. Eliminate lopsided liquidity pool contribution
  3. Ensure rewards for all holders
  4. Eliminate any rug pull risks
  5. True token burn
  6. Transparency and fairness with gas fees

This is the beginning of a six part series in which we will be exploring each of our commitments more in depth. Follow us on Medium to learn more over the next month and a half.





Coyote Coin

Coyote is a dual-chain DeFi coin built on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchain. Whitepaper —