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3 min readJan 17, 2022
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Crypto, Coins, Tokens, and NFT’s. So many buzz words that surround the blockchain ecosystem. To some it’s mysterious and to others its a fun and interactive investment. When creating Coyote™ we looked through the market and asked ourselves a big question. Why is it so hard for the average person to invest in crypto? We believe that it has to do with The Negatives of Crypto which we highlighted in our last blog post Coyote Will Change How You Think About Crypto.

Coyotes have a highly flexible social organization, living either in a family unit or in loosely knit packs of unrelated individuals. Keeping with that mentality, we treat our coin holders as members of our pack and we protect our own. That is why we decided to put safe guards in place in our tokenomics to protect our holders from issues like lopsided liquidity, whales and more.

Limited amount that can be acquired during presale.

During our initial presale we will capping the amount of coins that any one address can acquire to a maximum of $20,000, with a total market cap at launch of $980,000.00.

Penalties for larger withdrawal transactions

The initial launch of Coyote caps the amount of regular transactions any address can make to 5% of the previous 24-hour volume. It will still be possible to sell beyond the regular amount of transactions, however the transaction tax will increase from 11% to 35% if the seller exceeds the maximum sell limit. If the team detects that there are still problematic behaviors by whales, it will be possible to impose even stricter or more expensive limitations on daily sells. Whale-proofing is great for smaller holders — but also for the whales themselves, because they don’t have to worry that another whale might execute a rug pull or other price manipulation. In other words, this mechanism makes Coyote™ safe for other large investors as well.

No back doors which allow the exploitation of liquidity.

Coyote™ has developed its own code-base to plug many of the “back door,” security problems and openings to centralization that were programmed into other RFI coins. As a result, we offer a coin that the public can trust, because the foundation is a fully decentralized smart contract, with no special rights for the developers or core team.

From our Den to yours we want you to have the best experience possible while holding Coyote™. That is why we are pushing the crypto envelope and are dedicated to changing the way you think about crypto.

Do you invest in crypto? If not, what’s holding you back?



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